Management Services

What We Do

Whether you are a start-up, a young company or a more mature operation seeking to improve company performance we can support you in defining and implementing the steps to a brighter future. We have over 60 years’ of global experience of leadership and successful involvement in business performance improvement in companies ranging from start-ups to overhaul of privatised government organisations.

As former CEOs of mobile telecom networks, we have a deep specialism in the complex TMT sector, but our skills have also been deployed in many other sectors, often in high-risk, volatile and post-conflict situations.

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What we bring

We bring advice and guidance when you need it, helping safeguard people and project investments by sharing our worldwide leadership experience in a sustained and permanent way.

We have unparalleled experience in successfully implementing organisational structures that we design to deal with challenges such as fraud and corruption, physical security, civil unrest, threat to infrastructure, immature regulatory systems, risk oversight inexperience and lack of capacity.

We have successfully launched and managed a variety of businesses in over 25 countries in different and demanding environments where conflicting priorities, cultural differences and a complex mix of stakeholders are the norm.

Our Capability

We have successfully helped protect new project ventures, people investments and corporate reputation in some of the world’s most beautiful but often unstable and changeable countries.

Our accumulated knowledge is available to senior executives embarking on similar endeavours. So whether you’re responsible for your company’s reputation management, executive selection, financial investment or new operation, our mentoring helps protect important interests from the impacts of adversity – wherever they are.

We offer mentoring and operational support services to senior executives embarking on a new venture regardless of which sector they are entering. Our extensive leadership experience in the telecoms sector is particularly valued however.

Who We Are

We are leaders with a common bond and have learned to successfully manage large and complicated businesses in challenging environments and want to share our knowledge and experience to benefit executives embarking on a new role, taking on a new responsibility, or starting a new business.

Supportive, friendly and knowledgeable, we work in confidence across the world in a location and time that suits you. We work closely together so that you benefit from our collective knowledge and highly valuable and impartial guidance.

Some examples of our recent assignments

  • EBRD, UK, due diligence of Egyptian IT company
  • iSikCure, Kenya, support to m-Health Services company
  • Raxio Data Centres, Uganda coaching the GM and NED role
  • AIIM, South Africa, Solar Home Systems, East Africa, NED role
  • Kamro Capital, Uganda FinTech, coaching and Advisory Board member
  • Keller, Australia, Change Management Executive Team training
  • Airconmiser, Hong Kong, turnaround of green tech company
  • TVBeat, UK, business reporting structure for SAAS company

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