Your Phone, My Life

Your phone, my life: or, how did that phone land in your hand’ - is the story and adventure of how the world built its mobile networks over the past 30 years.


Author Ineke Botter

Ms. Ineke Botter was born in The Netherlands and studied corporate and international law at the University of Amsterdam.

Ms. Botter started her career in the finance industry from 1984 – 1990 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the City of London, United Kingdom.

Ineke Botter then switched to the mobile telecommunications industry from 1991 and held senior management (CxO, CEO and BoD level) positions in Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Kosovo, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Haiti and currently East Africa.

Ineke Botter and her teams have received many awards; from the best CSR, best branding, best technology programmes to recognitions from the UN for the work she and her team did for the UN investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri. She also received a personal award as Best International Manager whilst working in Azerbaijan.

There are currently less than 1000 mobile networks globally and Ms. Botter was one of the very few female CEOs in the mobile industry. She is also the first one who gives us an insight in this unknown world where so many stakeholders have enormous, vested interests. Her job especially in very challenging countries was to make sure that ‘all noses are pointed the same direction’.

Book Synopsis:

‘Your phone, my life: or, how did that phone land in your land’ –  is the story and adventure of how the world built its mobile networks over the past 30 years.

The authors’ journey started in the USSR, Ukraine, where she, as part of a team, negotiated with the Minister of Telecommunications of a country with virtually no telecom infrastructure.

She was there when Ukraine became independent in December 1991. From Kiev her work took her first to other countries in the former Eastern Block and then to Western Europe, Kosovo, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Haiti where she was the CEO in charge of mobile network operations managing through periods of political unrest, war, bomb attacks and other serious obstacles.

Looking back, she says ‘I’m happy our efforts made that people are able to stay in touch, no matter what’.

Today, the mobile telecommunications industry provides 10 billion connections, is contributing almost 5% to the global GDP, provides well over 30 million jobs and pays US$ 500 billion in taxes worldwide. It enables the famous tech companies to exist and virtually everyone in the world to work, even in Covid 19 times.

This is ‘Your phone, my life’.

All figures are from 2021

Ineke Botter - Book Synopsis - telecommunications

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